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Hubley Happenings
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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Turner Falls Camping Spring 2015

I took the kids camping the first weekend of summer.  It was a little later than we normally go, but the weather was still pretty mild and we were going to play in the water.  This was a our first time to visit Turner Falls, OK.  The park was really fun, and although a little over-developed, still had a lot of natural beauty. It was about 2 hours from Fort Worth, and we went with some friends.  We left after lunch on Friday and got back Saturday afternoon.  Here are some pictures from our trip

The campsites were first come, first serve (no reservations).  We got a nice spot with some shade and nice views.  After we set up camp, we went down to swim first thing.  


The river was just down the hill from our tent


After swimming, we came back and had some hot dogs for dinner.


After dinner we got ready to do some hiking.  There was a little trail that had some caves, so of course we needed our headlamps.


The first stop was a lookout over the upper falls.  Very cool


Next we came to one of the caves.  You had to crawl to get in and out


There were some neat areas to scramble around on rock slopes


After the hike we went back and went to bed.  It was a nice evening, fairly cool with a light breeze.  The kids went to sleep pretty easily.  After an hour or two, I was dozing on and off, not really in a deep sleep, and I started hearing some tejano music blaring from the campsite just down the hill from us.  I listened to it for about 20 minutes before I decided I had enough.  It was about midnight and I was not in the mood for tejano music.  I got out of my tent and yelled at them, reminding them that it was against park rules to play loud music after 10pm.  They kindly turned their music off.  In the morning, my camping buddy asked me what the park rules said about yelling in your underwear in the middle of the night.  I don’t remember reading anything about that.

The next morning we had breakfast and played by the river.


Then we went and hiked down by the lower falls


Nathan found a spring


We hiked up this little valley looking for some other caves but couldn’t find them.


We found this neat little pool with some trout swimming in it.


When we got back to our campsite, we found that a whole bunch more people were now there. Luckily we were packing up.


We broke camp and then went to swim again. The water features were pretty neat. It is all natural spring fed pools and streams, cool and clear water.  Notice this was early in the summer and the kids wore their floaties.  By the end of the summer, they were swimming like fish without floaties.  We all did the water slides, and Hannah did the diving board.



After swimming, we packed up and stopped at chik-fil-a for lunch. The kids napped on the way home.  We are looking forward to going back


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Very pretty park.