Hubley Happenings

Hubley Happenings
Angel Fire Summer 2014

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Nathan saw a deer across the street and put on his boots and grabbed his gun. Watch out!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


We saw a deer across the street, so Nathan got his gear on and went "hunting."

Monday, May 20, 2013


Nathan stayed up late because he couldn’t sleep due to a late nap.  I couldn’t help but snap a couple of pictures of him as he went back to bed


Goodnight little boy.

North Carolina

Jennifer and I spent a long weekend in North Carolina last month. I had a conference in Wilmington on the beach so Jennifer came with me to get a mini-vacation.  We had a great trip except for the travel on the way there.  We had to change planes in Charlotte and there was a front passing through as we were trying to land.  I got visibly and audibly sick on the plane (twice) during the 1+ hour the pilot was trying to land.  At that point, the proposition of getting immediately back on a smaller plane in the same weather for another leg was not very appealing, so we opted for a rental car for a 4 hour drive to the coast.  Once we made it, it was smooth sailing for the rest of the weekend.  We had lots of good seafood and plenty of rest.  Special thanks to Nana and Pappy for watching Hannah and Nathan.  Here are a few pictures from our trip.

View from our balcony.  The beach was beautiful


There were some beautiful beach houses along the coast



I got in the water once.  It was cold but not too cold



Chapman Family Ranch Roundup

We went to a ranch roundup a few miles from our house earlier this month.  It was a free event put on by a local ranching family.  They were working cows and branding them.  The family had several chuck wagons set up and were cooking over campfires. This happened to be the same day as Hannah’s birthday and it was a good start to her day (more on her birthday later).

Here we are walking up from the parking area, there were easily 200 people there.  Notice we dressed appropriately



Here is my beautiful cowgirl


and my handsome cowboy


Although they were actually working the cows, this was as much about the show as it was the actual work, and there was no shortage of cowboys



Working the cows looks pretty easy when you have this many hands.  These guys were pretty efficient.





After watching them work, Hannah was able to recite the process: “one cowboy ropes the head, then the other ropes the feet, then they get the cow and give him shots and give him a checkup. that’s just what they do”

The kids rode a pony named Bucky. I presume he was named Bucky because he bucked at one point in his life, but that didn’t appear to be a concern this day, even with this 10 year old girl on the lead rope.





And finally we ate!  They had fajitas and dutch oven cooked biscuits.  And it was good.





Nathan was happy!


Ever since we’ve been home, Nathan has worn his cowboy boots a lot more and keeps talking about riding horses at Aunt Amber’s house.  This was a good start to Hannah’s birthday. If they do it again next year, we might have to make a tradition out of it.

Weird Weather

We didn’t get any sever weather today but we’ve had some interesting clouds over our house all afternoon.  Here are a few pictures




Monday, May 13, 2013

Make me Laugh


Now that the kids are both talking, we hear some pretty funny/memorable things around here. I need to do a better job of documenting them. Here is a small sampling.

H:  Mommy, how come every time we go somewhere you take clothes on and off. You should just pick something out and wear it.

H: (after her tummy hurt) Y’all shouldn’t have let me have that ice cream.

Disclaimer: If talking about poop grosses you out, skip the next one. It’s not terribly disgusting, but I’m used to it. We talk about poop a lot around here. This particular discussion was in the car and I couldn’t pull over.

N: Need to poo-poo!

J: Hold it in Nathan. We’re almost there.

H: My poo-poo holds itself in. I have magic poo-poo.

S: Does your poo-poo even stink, Hannah?

Nathan started randomly saying, “boom, boom” after making a statement. For example, he’ll say, “more strawberries. boom, boom.” or after he potties, “That was a big one. boom. boom.”

N: (when Jennifer walked out for church one morning) You look underful Mommy!

Camping Trip #2 Spring 2013

Last month we attempted the second camping trip of the spring with some friends.  We reserved a campsite at Rocky Creek Park, a Corps of Engineers facility on Lake Benbrook.  The campsite was really nice with lots of big trees along a creek feeding into the lake.  It was also nice because there is no thru traffic, only people with reserved campsites have access through the locked gate.  This was good because the kids could play without worrying about cars.

We got there early in the afternoon and set up camp. 

The kids rode their bikes


And we did some fishing



Pretty soon Nathan decided it was more fun to throw rocks, which seriously cut down on our already slim chances at catching a fish.


After fishing, we cooked dinner over the campfire


And had some smores



Jennifer had already been planning to take Nathan home that evening due to the previous middle-of-the-night-sleep-in-the-tent emergencies.  So Hannah and I were going to stay with her friend M and her dad J.  Shortly after dinner, M started feeling sick, so they decided they wouldn’t be staying overnight.  The moms took all the kids home for the evening except Hannah.  J and I had been itching to take my new-to-me canoe out for a spin.  We took a paddle with Hannah right before sunset and it was really fun! After J went home, Hannah and I thought we would stay the night by ourselves but our neighbors in the nearby campsite starting getting rowdy so we ended up packing it up and driving home.  We left shortly after dark. So it turned out to be a big day trip which was still a ton of fun.  It would have been even better if I hadn’t packed/unpacked/packed all my camping gear.  Note to self: it’s ok to just do day trips with the little ones.

Mimi and O Visit

Mimi and O came to visit last month.  They watched the kids one evening so we could go to the Freese and Nichols Annual Party. It happened to be the weekend before O’s birthday so we made him a cake.  At one point during the weekend, we caught Nathan sneaking a bite from the counter. Jennifer heard the stool sliding across the floor and peeked around the corner to find this. Check out his mischievous smile:)


Here is O enjoying his cake


And a picture with the kiddos


We had a great visit and the kids had lots of fun!

Mowing the Yard

Our yard is a little bigger at the new house, but luckily I’ve got some free labor to lessen the load, so it hasn’t been too bad.

(notice the mower is not on, the lever is up---safety first)



Green Eggs and Ham

We checked out the book from the library, so we couldn’t resist having it for breakfast one day.  Hannah did not like them, but then she did.