Hubley Happenings

Hubley Happenings
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Thursday, March 27, 2008


Jennifer is on a softball team with our small group, and I am an alternate by default. So far, I've played in both games. We won the first game by a run rule and lost the second by a run rule. Jennifer played in high school, so she has some experience. She was a little rusty the first game, but is really coming on strong now. On the other hand, I haven't played any kind of baseball since elementary school, and I wasn't any good then. Tonight was a pretty rough game......already losing big and about to get the game called by the ump, I led off in the 4th inning. I got on base and had in my mind that I was going to push for extra bases every time since we were so far down. Our next batter hit an infield grounder and was thrown out at first. I made it to 2nd by about the time the short stop was throwing to 1st, so I turned the corner thinking I could make it to 3rd. They had a girl on 1st and I figured there was no way she could get it to the 3rd baseman......well, she did. I was just about there and I heard the 3rd basemen catch the ball. All I could see was the base, and knowing I should have stopped at 2nd, I wanted to justify myself. So I dove.....

I actually made it to the base, but I went to fast and came off the base and got tagged. OUT!!! Double play. And now I have a scrape on my knee, a strawberry on my side, and beat up hand.

Let this be a lesson to you readers out there (if there are any left): don't slide in slow pitch softball. It's not worth it.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Congrats Coach Lombard

This is pretty amazing. My high school won the Class 3A state championship (again). With the title game, our coach won his 1000th game (and 14th state championship)--and he is only 55 yrs old. He has a winning percentage is almost .920 You can't write a script better than that. You can read a whole article about him here, but for starters just consider these facts:

  • No team he has coached - two boys or 30 girls - won fewer than 25 games in a season.

  • His "losingest" season came in 1991-92, when the Lady Eagles lost eight games. That team won his first Class 3A championship.

  • There have been 17 girls teams in UIL Texas high school history that have recorded unbeaten seasons. Lombard has coached three of those (1984 and 1985 at Nazareth and 1996 at Canyon).

  • He has won titles in Class B, Class A, Class 3A and Class 4A.

  • He has a 61-9 record as a boys coach, leading Nazareth to back-to-back state runner-up finishes the two seasons before moving to Canyon High.

  • In his last two seasons at Naz, Lombard compiled a 129-9 record and coached in four state championship games.

  • His 2002-2003 Canyon team produced two Division I players and was declared USA Today's national champions.