Hubley Happenings

Hubley Happenings
Angel Fire Summer 2014

Monday, July 28, 2014

Day 7/7

We finally made it!!

Saturday night Henry woke up at 3am and then every hour after that. It must have been a growth spurt. Whatever it was, I was so tired and Scott could tell Sunday morning. I usually don’t do this, but I skipped church to sleep while Scott took all the kids. I slept the entire time they were gone and felt much better when I woke up! I won’t say exactly when that was:/ 

Scott made up a scavenger hunt for the kids and they enjoyed doing it after lunch. Hannah would run from room to room finding all the clues and Nathan would get so upset. She let him get a few. When they found the last one (ie the treasure), Scott told them they got to go run errands with him a get a special drink.

While they were gone, I did some laundry and started cleaning out Hannah’s closet. I needed to do an inventory of her clothes to see what she needs for school. I made a big pile to pass down to cousins too. I also signed Nathan up for T-ball this fall! I can’t wait to watch him. Hannah asked if she could sign up for cheerleading. I told her she could cheer on the sidelines for her brother. Thankfully, she was ok with that.

Scott mowed the yard in the evening and played in the sprinklers with the kids when he was done. They always love playing in the sprinklers.



He was sore after doing all those jumps!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Day 6/7

Henry was up a lot, so Scott let me sleep in until nine Saturday morning. He took a walk with the kids and we just played around the house.

Nathan found Scott’s earplugs.


We went to a another pool party! This time Scott was able to come and that made it even more fun. They love swimming with Daddy.


Hannah went down the slide several times.


Finally, as we were suppose to be getting out of the pool, Nathan decided he wanted to try it out.



I asked them where they wanted to sit at the table. Hannah wanted to sit by the birthday girl and Nathan said he wanted to sit by the cake!


When we got home, we took it easy. I bought the kids new 100 piece puzzles and they worked on them until Scott finished his 1000 piece. Hannah did hers on her own, and we helped little brother out a little.


We finally finished!

photo 5 (1)

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Day 5/7

I was distracted last night by a really good movie, so I’m just now getting to this post.

Henry’s been getting up at least two times at night, so it takes me a while to get going in the mornings. At 8:30 yesterday morning my friend called to ask if her little 2nd grader could come over and be my “helper” for the morning. She wants to be a babysitter but is still a little young, so her mom thought this was a good way to start. She’s really sweet, the kids like her and I did have lots of laundry to do so I told her to come on over. Her little sister ended up staying too because my friend was on her way to the grocery store and I thought how nice it would be to buy groceries on my own. If I can’t do it, I can help someone else! Besides, what’s one more kid when you have four in the house already!?! And this particular friend has helped me so many times before, especially when Henry was firstborn, so it felt good to finally be able to help her out a little too. As you can imagine, I didn’t get much laundry done but the kids had fun.

At noon, before he even ate his lunch, Nathan went to his room, turned out his light, turned the sound machine on and crawled into bed. I woke him up at two to go to a birthday party down the road.

This house was so nice. When we walked in Hannah said, “Wow, this looks like an apartment!” I think she meant a hotel. The couches had about twenty pillows on each one and she said, “How do they sit down with all those pillows in the way?” I told her I didn’t know, but we shouldn’t touch anything!


Nathan kept swallowing the pool water and had to go to the bathroom about three times. Once, I was talking to the other moms when one started laughing and pointing behind me. I turned around and Nathan had his pants down going potty in their grass. We need to work on modesty.

While I was putting Henry down for bed, Scott was being really loud playing with the kids. I came out and must have not been very nice because Hannah said, “Daddy, you need a consequence.” Her and Nathan discussed it and came up with two options. Hannah suggested a spanking and Nathan suggested that he not get to watch one Aggie football game. I think the latter would be the most effective!

After the kids were in bed, Scott and I watched Lone Survivor. Wow. Such a good movie (except for the language). I had to cover my eyes/leave the room a few times because it was so intense. I felt really patriotic afterwards and somewhat guilty for rarely thinking about what our military men and woman go through for our freedom. I will definitely make an effort to thank them the next time I see them.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Day 4/7

Nathan’s behavior was better today. Hannah’s was not. I’ll just leave it at that.

We went to the library this morning to get more books. They like coming home and looking at them right away.


We also stopped at Sonic for a Slush.


I dusted and mopped this morning to get the house clean for Small Group (bible study). We meet with two other families every other week and rotate houses. This month was our turn. Scott came home early to grill burgers and hotdogs. I made an apple crisp for dessert and we sliced a watermelon.

We almost cancelled at the last minute, but I’m glad we didn’t. All the kids ate and played in the backyard while the adults had dinner, bible study and fellowship inside. It was good.

Scott even cleaned all this up for me.


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Day 3/7

I think Henry got up two times last night, but I can’t remember. I know he woke up at 1, but the 4am feeding is a little fuzzy. I think it happened, but I’m not positive.

Nathan was feeling much better this morning and woke up hungry, so Scott made pancakes for breakfast.



I finished feeding Henry and then joined the boys at the table around 7. Nathan had four pancakes and wanted the last two, but we told them they were for Hannah (she was still sleeping). This set him off. I know it seems like he has lots of fits, and he probably does, but he’s also very sweet. His three’s have been so much worse than the “terrible two’s.” I used to think there was something wrong with Hannah when she pitched these fits, but I see now it’s just part of being a toddler. There is no amount of spankings, time-outs, etc that will stop it. I’ve found the best thing (for us) is to make them go to their room to have the fit and just try and ignore it. That’s easier said than done but when I get angry or frustrated, my kids smell fear and they don’t back down! Anyway, this isn’t a parenting blog, so on with our day.

Nathan finally calmed down and apologized for his behavior. He told me it was hard to have self-control in the mornings. I told him I completely understand. Mommy has a hard time with self control all day…especially before my coffee!

When Henry went down for his morning nap, the kids once again played really well together for about an hour in Hannah’s room. I picked up the house and packed a picnic lunch. I’ve been saving bread heels for a while so we could go feed the ducks at a local park. I thought today was the perfect day since we’ve been inside a lot.

Hannah read us a bible story in the car and then we rocked out to Alan Jackson’s Precious Memories CD. They really like Washed in the Blood and I’ll Fly Away.

We met some friends at the park and the kids played, fed the ducks and then we ate lunch.





Nathan was so tired. I really thought he would go to sleep in the car, but he didn’t. We got home and I told him when he was ready he could take a nap. Remember yesterday when I said sometimes that doesn’t work? Well, it didn’t work today. He went to his room but only for about five minutes. Hannah was playing in her room and I needed to put Henry down, so I told him to go back to his room. When I was finished, I came out to check on them and I couldn’t find Nathan. He wasn’t in his room, the living room, my room or with Hannah. I had a quick panic attack and checked all the doors. They were still locked, so I knew he was in the house somewhere. This is where I found him. He was tucked under the cushions on the couch in the toy room.


He woke up shortly after I took this picture. It must have been a ten minute power nap because he was in a much better mood.

While Henry was sleeping, I vacuumed the house. I usually don’t clean this much but the house is really dirty. Since I can’t clean everything in one day, I do a little bit at a time. I should probably dust before I vacuum, but I felt like vacuuming today and wanted to take advantage of the cleaning urge. Maybe I’ll mop tomorrow.

The afternoon was rough but we made it. The kids were fighting and I kept having to separate them. We did have a few good moments in between though.



Henry didn’t take his late nap and was really fussy, so I put him in the sling and fixed dinner. Then it was off to the bath. I put the big kids in and let them play while I bathed Henry. I got him settled in his crib watching his mobile and then bathed Hannah and Nathan. By that time Scott was home and he took over. I put Henry down at 7 while Scott read to Hannah and Nathan and then they went to bed shortly after that. The only thing that’s nice about no naps…early bedtime!

I went outside to water my plants and noticed a section of weeds in my flower bed. We’re having people over for dinner tomorrow night, so I spent about thirty minutes pulling them out. I couldn’t stop. It was nice and quiet and very therapeutic.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Day 2/7

Today was a lot like yesterday. We stayed at home with the exception of a quick run to the grocery store. We were supposed to meet some friends and play this afternoon, but didn’t go because Nathan still wasn’t feeling great…bummer.

They played well together this morning.


I told them to start cleaning up and Nathan said, “Mommy, you’re driving me crazy!” I laughed out loud and asked him where he heard that (hoping he wouldn’t say from me). He said, “Remember that book you read me last night. That’s what that Mommy says to her kid.”

He was referring to this book…


on this page.


I needed a few things for dinner, so we made a trip to the grocery store. This particular store has like four kinds of carts and it was an ordeal to decide which one we wanted. They have some with steering wheels on the top and some with cars on the bottom. They wanted the car one, but Henry couldn’t fit…we looked like a circus. At one point an employee came over to see if he could help. We finally decided on a regular cart for the boys (since Nathan didn’t feel like pushing a small cart),


and a little one for Hannah.


Can you tell I’m in total control of the situation?

We finished up our shopping and were about to check out when Nathan yells that he has to poo-poo and that it was coming out. I normally would have made him wait until we got home but didn’t want him to have an explosion in the store, so we went to the bathroom (which was all the way in the back). Of course he only went #1 and then Hannah had to go. We finally finished up and made it out of there!

After lunch, I told Nathan whenever he was ready he could go take his nap. This seems to work better than just telling him it’s naptime. He thinks he makes the decision and we avoid a meltdown. It doesn’t work all the time, but today it did. He played for about five minutes and then crawled in his bed and took about a two hour nap. Hannah had room time and I had a little Henry time.


Then I put him on his play mat (he loves this thing), and had a little mommy time.


I had a twenty minute break to enjoy some coffee with whip cream and read a few pages of my devotional. Energy and grace. Two things that were crucial to make it through the rest of the day.


While the boys were sleeping, Hannah put on a talent show.


Later she read Henry some books.


I made the Pioneer Woman’s pot roast and put it in the oven at 1:00. It was done around 4:30. Our neighbor had shoulder surgery today, so we took some over to her family.


Scott got home around 6:30 again and helped bath the kids and get them ready for bed. Hannah and I read another chapter of The Little House in the Big Woods and Scott read Ox-Cart Man to Nathan.

Scott took Henry for a walk while I repeatedly sent the kids back to bed and took turns snuggling with them.

photo (17)

It was a good day, but I’m tired.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Day 1/7

I have a friend who wrote one post everyday on her blog for an entire year so she could capture the everyday moments with her little ones. Talk about commitment!!It was really neat to read and see snippets of their days. And not just the good stuff, but the stuff we sometimes skip over on our blogs to make us look a little more normal.

So although I’m not disciplined enough to commit to one blog a day for a year, I thought for sure I could handle one week. Possibly. Hopefully. Since this blog serves as our family scrapbook, I want to remember what everyday life looked like with three kids in the house…the highs AND the lows. So here is day 1:

Henry watched as I folded a couple loads of laundry this morning. He doesn’t mind if you lay him down as long as you stay close by and talk to him. Who wouldn’t want to talk to this sweet thing!?! Shortly after, I put him down for his morning nap.


Hannah and Nathan were being really quiet when I came out of Henry’s room and were playing so nicely by themselves (this was the quiet before the storm).



I thought I would take advantage of their good behavior and get some cleaning done. I was cleaning the toilet in our bathroom when Nathan walked in. Our conversation went something like this:

Me: Nathan, do you want to help me clean the potty?

N: No. Daddy’s don’t clean.

Me: Yes they do. Daddy helps me with the laundry and he does the dishes.

N: Yeah, but he doesn’t clean potties.

Me: Your right. He doesn’t clean potties.

Soon after I was done, Nathan pitched a huge fit. He was really tired from a busy week and running low on sleep. He wanted to eat his snack in the toy room and I told him he could eat it at the table. That set him off. He woke Henry up and screamed the whole time I was feeding him. I put Henry in his crib for a little mobile time while I dealt with Nathan.


I made him go to his room and he finally stopped screaming and went to sleep around 11. He usually doesn’t nap at all (and if he does it’s around 1) so I knew something wasn’t right. He slept for a few hours and little Henry went down for nap #2, so Hannah and I had some craft time.



When Nathan woke up, he was really sluggish and mopey. He was saying that his tummy hurt and he didn’t eat his lunch. Our cousins were up visiting last week and poor little Sam had a tummy virus. I was hoping that we wouldn’t get it, but it looks like Nathan is the first victim. Hannah convinced him to do a little dancing, but other than that, he was just laying on the couch all afternoon.


While cooking dinner, one of my pots boiled over and I burned the bacon.


Probably because I had little man on my hip and at one point Nathan comes out of the bathroom holding his underwear and telling me that he has diarrhea. Oh dear.


After I cleaned him up and put Henry down for nap #3, things went a little smoother until Scott got home at 6:30. Nathan got sick again and went to bed around 7:30. Hannah took a shower by herself (she loves doing this) and was in the bed at 8. Henry went down at 8:30.

Hopefully Nathan will feel better in the morning and no one else comes down with it!