Hubley Happenings

Hubley Happenings
Angel Fire Summer 2014

Monday, July 28, 2014

Day 7/7

We finally made it!!

Saturday night Henry woke up at 3am and then every hour after that. It must have been a growth spurt. Whatever it was, I was so tired and Scott could tell Sunday morning. I usually don’t do this, but I skipped church to sleep while Scott took all the kids. I slept the entire time they were gone and felt much better when I woke up! I won’t say exactly when that was:/ 

Scott made up a scavenger hunt for the kids and they enjoyed doing it after lunch. Hannah would run from room to room finding all the clues and Nathan would get so upset. She let him get a few. When they found the last one (ie the treasure), Scott told them they got to go run errands with him a get a special drink.

While they were gone, I did some laundry and started cleaning out Hannah’s closet. I needed to do an inventory of her clothes to see what she needs for school. I made a big pile to pass down to cousins too. I also signed Nathan up for T-ball this fall! I can’t wait to watch him. Hannah asked if she could sign up for cheerleading. I told her she could cheer on the sidelines for her brother. Thankfully, she was ok with that.

Scott mowed the yard in the evening and played in the sprinklers with the kids when he was done. They always love playing in the sprinklers.



He was sore after doing all those jumps!

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CarrieZ said...

I LOVED reading about your week! It makes me feel more normal, knowing that kids throwing fits that nothing can stop and burning dinner don't just happen to me. However, I am convinced you're super mom because I am unsure of when I'll do as much outside of the house with three little ones! Especially a picnic in the summer at the park! You're a great mom. Your kids are so lucky to have you :)