Hubley Happenings

Hubley Happenings
Angel Fire Summer 2014

Monday, July 21, 2014

Day 1/7

I have a friend who wrote one post everyday on her blog for an entire year so she could capture the everyday moments with her little ones. Talk about commitment!!It was really neat to read and see snippets of their days. And not just the good stuff, but the stuff we sometimes skip over on our blogs to make us look a little more normal.

So although I’m not disciplined enough to commit to one blog a day for a year, I thought for sure I could handle one week. Possibly. Hopefully. Since this blog serves as our family scrapbook, I want to remember what everyday life looked like with three kids in the house…the highs AND the lows. So here is day 1:

Henry watched as I folded a couple loads of laundry this morning. He doesn’t mind if you lay him down as long as you stay close by and talk to him. Who wouldn’t want to talk to this sweet thing!?! Shortly after, I put him down for his morning nap.


Hannah and Nathan were being really quiet when I came out of Henry’s room and were playing so nicely by themselves (this was the quiet before the storm).



I thought I would take advantage of their good behavior and get some cleaning done. I was cleaning the toilet in our bathroom when Nathan walked in. Our conversation went something like this:

Me: Nathan, do you want to help me clean the potty?

N: No. Daddy’s don’t clean.

Me: Yes they do. Daddy helps me with the laundry and he does the dishes.

N: Yeah, but he doesn’t clean potties.

Me: Your right. He doesn’t clean potties.

Soon after I was done, Nathan pitched a huge fit. He was really tired from a busy week and running low on sleep. He wanted to eat his snack in the toy room and I told him he could eat it at the table. That set him off. He woke Henry up and screamed the whole time I was feeding him. I put Henry in his crib for a little mobile time while I dealt with Nathan.


I made him go to his room and he finally stopped screaming and went to sleep around 11. He usually doesn’t nap at all (and if he does it’s around 1) so I knew something wasn’t right. He slept for a few hours and little Henry went down for nap #2, so Hannah and I had some craft time.



When Nathan woke up, he was really sluggish and mopey. He was saying that his tummy hurt and he didn’t eat his lunch. Our cousins were up visiting last week and poor little Sam had a tummy virus. I was hoping that we wouldn’t get it, but it looks like Nathan is the first victim. Hannah convinced him to do a little dancing, but other than that, he was just laying on the couch all afternoon.


While cooking dinner, one of my pots boiled over and I burned the bacon.


Probably because I had little man on my hip and at one point Nathan comes out of the bathroom holding his underwear and telling me that he has diarrhea. Oh dear.


After I cleaned him up and put Henry down for nap #3, things went a little smoother until Scott got home at 6:30. Nathan got sick again and went to bed around 7:30. Hannah took a shower by herself (she loves doing this) and was in the bed at 8. Henry went down at 8:30.

Hopefully Nathan will feel better in the morning and no one else comes down with it!

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