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Hubley Happenings
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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Hannah Kindergarten Wrap Up

Hannah woke up with a stomach bug the night before her kindergarten graduation so she didn’t get to attend the actual ceremony.  We considered sending her but weren’t confident enough that she wouldn’t vomit on stage. She was disappointed because they had been practicing some songs to perform, and we heard it was a cute show. She even had a few lines she was suppose to say. She had been practicing all week.

Since she didn’t get to participate in the group graduation, her teacher did a special ceremony just for Hannah when she felt better.


Hannah really enjoyed Kindergarten, and especially her teacher.  They had a career day and were supposed to dress up as what they wanted to be when they grew up.  It was no surprise that Hannah dressed up as a teacher.


Here is a picture on the last day of school.


I’m sitting here typing this and first grade starts tomorrow!  Time flies!!

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