Hubley Happenings

Hubley Happenings
Angel Fire Summer 2014

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Spring Tee Ball

Nathan played Tee Ball this spring in the Aledo league.  There were 14 teams, and they played two games per week, plus a practice.  It was a 5-6 league, so Nathan was one of the younger players.  The rules were 5 runs per inning or 3 outs.  He played on the Diamondbacks with Coach Prescott who did a great job.  It was a great season, the team went 11-3.  Nathan got to rotate and play most positions.  The team also had their own walk up songs when they were batting; Nathan picked the Aggie War Hymn.

Here is our little ball player


He had fun hanging with the team in the dugout


He was a pro in left field


He was also a pretty good hitter for being one of the younger players.  He hit several doubles and even one triple.  He liked running the bases



After every game, Coach Prescott gave out the game ball to a different boy each week.  Nathan got the game ball twice.  Once, it was when all the grandparents were in town for Hannah’s birthday.  We were up 25-24 in the last inning, and we had 2 outs.  Nathan was playing second and they hit it right to him. There was a runner at first, so Nathan snagged the ball and touched second, getting the third out and winning the game. 

He was so excited to win the game ball.  The first time he got it, he put it on his nightstand and told it good night.


It has been a great season, but it’s not over yet.  Playoffs start next week!

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