Hubley Happenings

Hubley Happenings
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Monday, May 2, 2016

Nathan’s 5th Birthday

Nathan turned 5 in February.  He decided that he wanted to have a Super Bowl party to cap off football season.  We had some food and fun during the pre-game and then got serious about watching some football!

As kids arrived, they played football in the backyard.  Once we had a full team at the party, we started out with pin the football on the goal post


Hannah and another little girl won, but we’re pretty sure they could see.


Next we busted this Cowboys pinata….kind of like their busted season.


Then we opened some presents. You can never have enough Aggie footballs.


And then had some food.  We made some pulled pork sandwhiches with chips and dip.  Nathan specifically requested “red chips” AKA nacho doritos.


Food, friends, and fun


Henry had his moments


Then the cake



Not sure what was going on here, I think she was feeding him some cake



After the cake, it was game time and we got to watch Von Miller sack his way to the MVP.  The kids were in and out playing in the yard while the adults watched the game. Nathan watched the recording the next day.  This was another great birthday for our little football fan.  Happy Birthday Nathan!

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