Hubley Happenings

Hubley Happenings
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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Raleigh, NC

In early November, I had a work trip to Raleigh so Jennifer came along, and we made a long weekend of it.  The weather was nice, and it was the perfect time for the fall colors.  We had some good NC pork BBQ and southern food while we were there.  Our favorite place we ate was a chicken and waffles place named Beasleys.  The collard greens were pretty amazing…..


The highlight of our trip was a visit to Duke.  I have always been a Duke basketball fan, and even thought about going to school there, so watching a game at Cameron Indoor was on my bucket list.  I bought tickets to their season opener on Craigslist, so we went over for the afternoon.  We visited the gardens and the chapel and walked around campus some before the game.  The campus was gorgeous, especially at that time of year.




I took Jennifer on the scenic way back to the car, so we had to stop for a rest.  It turns out being pregnant with your 3rd child really takes it out of you. The gardens were very impressive, so we didn’t mind taking our time.


After the tour, we headed over to Cameron Indoor. The students were there hours before the game having a party complete with beer, pizza, and a DJ.  It was a pretty fun scene.



We honestly couldn’t tell which building was Cameron Indoor.  It was pretty small and looked like all the other buildings on campus.


The stadium is very charming….small and cozy, wood trim everywhere, snack bars like you would see at a high school.  Just a neat atmosphere.  We thought it was small from the outside, but it was really small once you got inside.  Notice the students are packed in their section and going crazy, over an hour before tipoff.


Here was the view from our seats


And here is Coach K.  The students bow to him every time he walks by.


I bought this t-shirt for $5 in the campus bookstore.


While we were having fun in Raleigh, the kids were in Evadale and Devers.  They had lots of fun with Mimi and O. They got to ride animals at a local circus…


They also had fun playing around the house.



It was a nice weekend away but we were glad to get home and see the kids.

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