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Hubley Happenings
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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Craft Time

Move over Martha Stewart, craft time has officially begun in the Hubley house (for now)!!

While Hannah takes her naps, I have started doing something that I really enjoy....sewing! When I was a little girl, I would go over to Mrs. Gattis' house, and we would sew and craft all afternoon. I can remember sitting at her sewing machine with her by my side guiding my hand. It was here that my love for making things began. I was never really that great, but I enjoyed doing it. Mrs. Gattis was such a special lady, and I'm so grateful that she took the time to teach me what she knew.

Unfortunately, as I grew older I never had the time (or made the time) to continue sewing. My mom bought me a sewing machine a couple of Christmases ago and it has just been sitting in my closet....until now!

I have been inspired by other women who instead of wasting away their free time, use it to be creative and productive (I put some of the links to their blogs on our homepage if you are interested in checking them out). I found this adorable and easy baby bib pattern on Homemade by Jill. I figured I would start out with something small to build my confidence.

I started by cutting out two pieces of fabric for the front and back. Jill recommended terrycloth for the back, so you can use it as a washcloth too (great idea).

Next, I pinned the two pieces and sewed them together.

This is the finished product after turning it right side out, top-stitching the front, and attaching the velcro to the top.

Such an easy project, and such a cute bib...I can't wait to make more!! She has another pattern for burp cloths that I am going to try next. I will show pictures when I'm done.


Scott Hubley said...

my my, my wife is crafty

The Mosiers said...

So cute! I've been teaching myself little by little how to sew. Maybe we can have a craft day sometime!