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Hubley Happenings
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Friday, August 28, 2009

Coupon Clipping

So, now that the Hubley's are running on one income, I have started clipping (and printing coupons). I am not that good at finding coupons and matching them up with sales and manufacturer's coupons to get a really good discount, but I know women who are great at it. They actually make it a game, but who has the time?

Well, yesterday I was watching our local news and they have a segment called Penny Pinching. This lady, Amy, comes on and tells about all the good deals going on around town. She has a blog with all the information, so I decided to take a look and try it this time. I wanted to start small so I wouldn't get overwhelmed, so I only picked a few items that we needed from Target. I printed off the coupons and was really excited to go find my deals.

So this morning, Hannah and I set off. You should have seen us. I was pushing her stroller in one hand, holding a latte in the other (which I had a gift certificate for), and coupons were coming out of my pockets. I was running up and down the aisle so excited. It was like I was on that grocery store game show (I can't remember the name of it), where you run all around the store throwing stuff in your cart. It was actually lots of fun.

But the best part was when I got to the check-out line, and I proudly handed the cashier my fist full of coupons. I think I might have actually been giggling. I bought $12.00 worth of items for....drumroll......$2.42 (your welcome, Hubby)!!

Here are the items I bought (I told you I was starting out small):

Johnson's body Wash - Reg. $3.14 - $1 Target coup - $1 mfr coup = $1.14
Gerber Baby bottles - Reg. $.99 each - $1 Target coup = FREE
Desitin diaper rash - Reg. $2.99 - $1 Target coup - $1 mfr coup = $.99
Dove deodorant - Reg. $3.64, on sale for $3.29 - $1 Target coup - $2 mfr coup = $.29

WOW!!! I must say I had a rush of energy leaving the store with all my good deals (although it could have been the latte). This could be addictive!!


Scott Hubley said...

good job wife. i wish i could have seen you in the store ;)

Carrie said...

Supermarket Sweep! I loved that show.

Scott Hubley said...

That's right! Thanks Carrie!

Donald and Angela said...

Supermarket Sweep! AHH, that was a great show! Kudos to you, Jennifer! Where'd you get all the target coupons?? Via the end of your receipts?

Kelly Baker said...

A picture of Hannah in Target would have been great!!

The Mosiers said...

I started the couponing game right before Cade was born. I love getting stuff so cheap at Target!!