Hubley Happenings

Hubley Happenings
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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Ben, Carrie and the great search for Sarah

We had a little scare this morning with Sarah. It all started last night when we left the dogs in the backyard while we went to eat with Ben and Carrie. When we got back, Sarah was standing in the front yard waiting on us. I was quite surprised to see her there, especially because I made sure the gate was shut before we left. Sarah has long known how to open the gate when it is not properly latched but she had clearly learned how to get out of the yard when the gate was closed. It turns out that she scratched at the bottom of the gate until the bottom of the picket broke off. Combined with the deflection of the gate, she was able to just barely squeeze out.

While I was frustrated, I mainly attributed her behavior to her fear of the backyard when it was dark and didn't think much else of it. Then this morning I went to run an errand around 8am, and I left the dogs in the backyard. When I returned, Sarah was not in the back yard, or the front yard. She was gone. So Ben and I spent the next 3.5 hours searching the neighborhood by car, foot, and bike and even put up fliers.

Then around noon, Sarah returned home as mysteriously as she left. Jennifer and Carrie were playing with Hannah when Sarah all of a sudden started scratching on the front door. She made it home! Here is a picture of her back home safely. Notice the mischievous look on her face?!?

Besides Sarah's escapades, we had a nice visit with Ben and Carrie. Here is a picture of them and Hannah.

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Ashley W. said...

Oh thank goodness this story has a good ending! Lil sneaky Sarah - maybe she was out looking for me ;)