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Hubley Happenings
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Monday, March 11, 2013

Nathan, 2 years old

Oh my…Nathan’s two!  We took these portraits in Scott’s suit from when he was two.
Here is Scott at age two (sorry for the glare)
We serenaded you on your birthday and you acted so shy.
You are one of a kind, little man. You have your mommy wrapped around that little finger of yours. You're one of those kids that their parents have a hard time disciplining…not because you’re an angel by any means…but because of that smile. I have to leave the room most of the time when your in trouble because you make me laugh.
You love to sing! Some of your favorites right now are Trust and Obey, Jesus Loves Me, and the Aggie War Hymn. You sing in the car, around the house, and are dancing anytime music is playing. And when I say dancing, I mean throwing your elbow out and flapping it like a chicken. Oh, and you throw a few spins in there too.
You love to aggravate your sister! Who knew it started so soon? Sometimes, she will call your name in the car and you will just ignore her completely…like you don’t even hear her. It drives her bananas. How do you know how to push her buttons at two?

You love to read! Some of your favorites (right now) are Goodnight Gorilla, Have You Seen My Cat, Richard Scarry’s Things that Go, If Waffles Were Like Boys, and Goodnight Construction Site.

Like most little boys, you still love running, jumping, climbing, wrestling, etc. If anyone is sitting on the floor you think they are inviting you to tackle them….so you do. And most of the time, surprisingly, you don’t get hurt. But you have a cut above your eye right now and I’m not sure how that happened.  You love to ride your bike (tricycle) in the driveway and swing on the swingset “high to the sky!”  You also love all sorts of balls.  Football is favorite, followed by baseball, soccer, basketball, golf balls, tennis balls, etc. 
You can recognize the A&M logo just about anywhere.  Yesterday we were eating dinner at Fuzzy’s and they had some basketball games on.  You pointed up on the screen and yelled, “Aggies!!" I knew the men weren’t playing so I assumed you were wrong, but sure enough, the A&M women’s team was on.
You love to pray at mealtime (mostly because Hannah prays and if Hannah does it, you will be right behind her saying, “me too! me too!”) Most of the time, your prayer sounds like this…oh, and for some reason you always whisper when you pray: “Dear God, tank you diggers, dumps, diggers, dumps, diggers, dumps. Amen.” This is another scenario where I should have a straight face, but I always laugh.
You love people…and they love you back! Your babysitters, Sunday School teachers, and family members all adore you. You are the kid that is happy to go in the room and happy to leave. You wave and tell everyone “hi” at the grocery store. Even your doctor at your check-up was smitten with you. Instead of making you pick a toy from the bin, he went in his office and gave you a “special” toy….a little blue truck. You really do make people smile.
Nathan, God has blessed you with so many good things. I pray you will give them all back to Him one day. Lay them at his feet and watch Him use you for His glory and your eternal good.

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Jennifer said...

What an adorable guy and sweet post!!