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Hubley Happenings
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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Spring Camping Trip

Hannah and I went camping earlier this spring with some good friends, J and M.  We went out to Mineral Wells State Park and just did an overnight trip.  We left Friday after work and drove out to the park.  We got there in time to set up camp and relax a bit before dark.  We cooked some hot dogs over the campfire and then took a short walk down to the lake.  Then we came back and told some stories around the fire and then hit the tents.

Here are the girls getting acquainted with the campsite.


We had a good site.  This is actually the same site that Jennifer and I had the first time we took Hannah camping two years ago.  We had a slight chance of rain so I initially put the fly on, but ended up taking it off because it was too hot to sleep comfortably.


Hannah slept surprisingly well. She was asleep within 30 minutes of getting in the tent and pretty much slept all night.  In the morning, I slipped out to get some breakfast.  When Hannah finally woke up, she realized she was by herself and started crying.  She told me she thought I left her :(


Here is a group timer shot of the campers in the morning.  Hannah was cold and I didn’t bring her a jacket, but luckily M had one to share.


In the morning, we went over to a really neat area of the park called Penitentiary Hollow to watch the rock climbers.  Hannah saw a squirrel shaking its tail and felt obliged to recreate the scene.


This is a pretty view of the lake.


We went down into the hollow and found a crevice in the rocks to walk through that looked quite like a cave.  Hannah deliberated on whether there was a bear in there asleep (she received a healthy fear of bears from her mother).  Ultimately she decided it was safe and instructed me to follow her through the bear cave.



We went down by the water and took a short snack break and then hopped in the truck and were back home by lunch.


It was a quick trip, but very fun. Hannah really had a great time. I was thankful to spend some time out in God’s creation with her. Next time we will stay longer. I think in the fall we are going to take Nathan out for his first overnight trip.

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