Hubley Happenings

Hubley Happenings
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Friday, June 15, 2012


I’ve been doing lots of sewing over the past several months….well, I WAS doing lots of sewing. Recently, we put our house on the market and my sewing machine has been permanently packed away to make our house look less cluttered. I never knew there was such a thing as staging houses until we decided to sell ours. We basically moved everything out of our house except some furniture and food, and it looks pretty nice. It feels good to have space. I thought for sure the kids would want all their toys, but guess what…they haven’t. I thought I needed lots of stuffed I packed away, but I haven’t missed anything (except my sewing machine). I have half a mind to send everything in our garage to Goodwill and free ourselves from all the stuff!  Anyway, I digress. That’s another story….back to sewing.

I finally made a few things that have been on my Pinterest boards. I made this casserole carrier for a sweet friend who is always bringing me meals. She brought me a meal when Nathan was born and then when we were all sick one time. I figured she needed something to carry her dish around in style.


Then I found this pretty material and decided I could make some quick throw pillows for my bed. I used this tutorial at SewCaroline. She actually works at a local quilting shop in town and I love everything she makes.


This little car caddy is from HomemadebyJill. I made this for one of Hannah’s little fiends who loves cars. His mom said it has been great for restaurants and other outings where little ones might need something to do. I’m definitely going to make one of these for Nathan.



Then we have the cute little Bow Clutch. I made this for another friend for her birthday and loved it so much that….


I made myself this one in gray chevron with a red zipper. I heart chevron prints. I bought like seven yards in gray and yellow, but I’ve only made one purse. I’m thinking more pillows and some curtains??

Now you might notice on the one above how the handle is sewn neatly into the side? Well, I forgot to sew in the handle on mine, so I just hand sewed it to the inside and the zipper doesn’t close all the way. Oh well, it’s not too bad.


My friend, S, showed me how to make these cute little pom-poms, and we thought it looked great on the purse too. I made another one for my friends green purse, but forgot to take a picture. It made it look so much better. I’m definitely a fan of the pom-pom!


And finally this simple elastic waisted empire dress.


PS See all that clutter in the picture above? It’s ALL gone!


Anonymous said...

Wow, the kids are adorable and I LOVE all the things you made!

Ashley W said...

YOU'RE SO TALENTED - The purse is simply amazing - looks like it's from Macy's!!! I want to learn to sew - maybe one of these days! How do I order something - I'm going to need a car carrier because Trace is having a little brother :)