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Hubley Happenings
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Sunday, November 29, 2009

We Love You Blue and Sarah

It has taken us a long time to write this post (and we finally have a reason, which we will get to later). If you can't take a sad story, don't read too much further. Our dogs Blue and Sarah went missing about 7 weeks ago. We were out of town and the dogs got out of the yard by accident. We searched and searched the neighborhood, put up fliers, frequented the pounds and shelters, scoured the internet, and even hired a tracking dog, all to no avail. The tracking dog followed their scent along the Trinity River to the Fort Worth Zoo parking lot (about 6 miles from our house) where the trail abruptly ended. We also had several sightings but always seemed to be one step behind the dogs. We finally had to accept the fact that our family pets of 8 and 2 years, respectively, were in all likelihood gone for good. We do of course still hope that they will come home by some miracle. Wherever they are, we just hope and pray they are being taken care of and shown the special attention they deserve. Below are some of our favorite memories of Blue and Sarah.

I got Blue during my freshmen year in college when he was born to Penny, my Dad's female Weimaraner. He lived with me in college and grad school. He was there when I had my first date with Jennifer and was eagerly awaiting us to return from our Honeymoon. When we first started dating, we would take car rides and Blue would sit in the backseat. When I would put my hand on Jennifer, he would create some separation with his nose and put his head under my hand, as if to say "Dad's Mine, back off!" We always knew that he was special and had a unique attachment to me. We finally learned (after plenty of destroyed property) how to manage his separation anxiety through regimented routines and schedules which he loved. He became so proficient at maneuvering his schedule that he would start lobbying for his 5pm dinner around 4 o'clock. He also loved to run with me. Back when I was training for long distance races, he would accompany me on my long training runs, often without a leash, just as happy as he could be at my side. Perhaps his most distinguishable trait was the fact that he truly believed he was a person. I taught him to retrieve balls and catch frisbees when he was younger, a practice he promptly resigned when he figured out that those were indeed just dog activities. Even more, he had to be inside (on something soft) with the family or else the world was going to end. When we moved to Fort Worth, we started taking him to the dog park where he always had a grand time, normally marking everything in site including trees, benches, other dogs, other people, pretty much anything you can imagine. He never stopped believing he was a puppy that could curl up in my lap and would literally jump at the slightest opportunity to do so. He hated water and would only swim under the most dire of circumstances. I could go on and on with stories and idiosyncrasies, but all in all, he was a great dog and my best friend for nearly 8 years.

We got Sarah about 2 years ago (read all about it here). She quickly made herself at home as part of the family. She was the perfect companion for Blue (almost the anti-Blue): she was not needy, she knew she was a dog, she liked barking and chasing squirrels and other typical dog stuff. She tended to be afraid of men but really loved and protected Jennifer, Hannah, and I. When we would go to the dog park, she was very careful to not stray too far from the family lest she get left behind. She was very smart and learned most everything we taught her very quickly. She figured out how to open the gate and come around to the front yard while I was mowing. I would just tell her to get back in the yard and she would open the gate and let herself back in. One time she even ran away but came home on her own. She was so sweet and really loved Blue (probably more than she loved us). When we would take them running or walking in the neighborhood, we would pass neighbors who would compliment us on our beautiful Weimaraner with no mention to Sarah, but she didn't mind, she was just proud to be running alongside Blue. When Hannah came home from the hospital, she was very affectionate and interested in Hannah, unlike Blue who pretended he never noticed that our family had expanded. She was such a sweet dog and she was just coming into her stride when they went missing. Here are a few pics of the dogs. If you have any memories about Blue or Sarah, we would love for you to leave a comment to remember them by.

We love you Blue and Sarah. You enriched our lives and we hope you come home soon.


Ashley W. said...

I'm so sorry about the sweet babies. One time I came over to feed Blue and Sarah - I loved them both a lot - and Jennifer left a whole list of instructions on how to feed them, but none were needed. Blue showed me right where the food was kept and then stuck his face in his bowl (telling me right where to put it). Before I could even add the scoop he was chowing away! It was too cute...he loved his routine and wanted to make sure Sarah had plenty too. I'll miss them, but have a feeling they are somewhere together and safe. :)

Ben Z. said...

My memory of Blue took place over six years ago. Scott, his sister Candace, and I were all training for a marathon. One day, we each took Blue on our training runs. All told, Blue ran over eleven miles that day. When he got back from his final run, he came up to the back door and whined, as if to say, "C'mon, that's all you got?!" We'll all miss you, Sarah and Blue-dog.

n|nn said...

I think this picture is the mental image I'll always remember when I think about Blue. What a great fun dog.

Donald and Angela said...

So sad, friends. We hope, hope, hope that the miracle of their return happens. Scott - as donald and I were talking about it - we don't have too many spf. memories of blue - but he had reserved in our minds the place of a "good, loyal, and BEAUTIFUL dog." I remember thinking in college that "Scott Hubley has a wonderful dog."