Hubley Happenings

Hubley Happenings
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Thursday, November 1, 2007


Sarah has definitely made herself at home in the 2 months we've had her. For those that haven't heard how we came to acquire Sarah, I'll recap. During Labor Day weekend, on the way home from Kerrville, we drove through Hamilton and saw a small farm with a sign that read "Pet Adoptions Today!" We stopped and got a crash course on Huts 4 Mutts. It is a rescue that keeps dogs temporarily until they can place them in a home. We found a cute 2-yr old Border Collie/Blue Heeler mix named Sarah. She was found out on a county road and turned in to Hutts 4 Mutts. She had been there about a month. We had to make the decision on the spot because a thunderstorm was quickly blowing in, so we wrote a check, grabbed Sarah, and hit the road.

When she first arrived, she was pretty sheepish and a little unsure about being a house dog. She wouldn't sleep on the dog bed we bought her (which is a far cry from the pampered pooch we have now). She has gradually become more and more comfortable with our schedules and activities. Discipline has been coming along slowly--mainly because she is already 2 yrs old and never had training from what I can tell. She spends most of her free time following Blue around and biting at his heels. Her latest obsession is barking at everything that moves in the backyard. And eating pecans that fall in the yard. And licking everything in sight. Who doesn't love dogs?

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