Hubley Happenings

Hubley Happenings
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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Henry 18 month update

Henry cried during his first haircut.  We didn’t get any good pictures but here are a few to remember the occasion. We decided that it was time for the little curl in the back to go.


Handsome boy


He loves his big brother


One day he decided he needed his fingers in his nose. The big kids were laughing at him so he kept on doing it.


He and Nathan still fight over their little blankets. He feels like he has accomplished something if he can round up as many as possible at one time.


He loves playing outside


He has also really started to like reading.  He wants to read several books every night before bed


He still isn’t talking much.  Grunting seems to work well for him. He has a few words but rarely uses them.  He normally takes one nap per day right after lunch.  He likes to play soccer, football, and baseball.  He is also starting to get an attitude when things don’t go his way.  He normally wants his dad in the morning and his mom in the evenings.  He pretty much acts just like the older two…no surprise there!

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