Hubley Happenings

Hubley Happenings
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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Henry’s ER Visit

Back in October, we made our first ever visit to the ER with one of the kids. Scott had cooked chili for dinner and thrown some of the cans in our recycle bin in the garage. After dinner we were cleaning up and somehow lost track of Henry. Hannah found him in the garage and then they both started screaming. We ran toward them and blood was pouring from his little hand. Scott got it wrapped up and we waited about 10 minutes to see if it needed stitches or not.  We unwrapped it and the blood was coming out just as fast so we decided to head to the urgent care closest to us. They decided not to even unwrap it and instead sent us to the children’s hospital in Fort Worth.

Henry was so brave. He only cried when they unwrapped his bandages and put the stitches in. He had to get three in one finger.

Back in Triage.


Hanging out on the bed watching the Aggie game. They got us in a room fairly quickly and then we waited for about two hours once we were there, which I don’t think is bad considering it was a Saturday night at the ER.


All done. We had to wrap his hand like this for about a week. He used it like a club to smack everyone with.



We finally made it home around 11:30pm. Poor baby was exhausted!


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