Hubley Happenings

Hubley Happenings
Angel Fire Summer 2014

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Honk Ball

Nathan’s first entry into organized sports came this fall with Honkball.  Honkball is a slightly disorganized version of t-ball, but way more fun because the bases “honk” when you step on them.  Here is a our little baseball player.


We were the orange team, which worked out well since Aledo’s colors are orange and black.  The team opted to take the hometown name as the Bearcats.  Now Nathan has a shirt to wear to the football games because he probably wouldn’t have a bunch of orange shirts otherwise.


Lining up to bat.  Each team bats through the order three times in a game. You advance one base at a time until the final batter who always hits a home run. 


Nathan was a pretty good hitter.  He has a natural swing, and the only thing that he struggled with was the weight of the bat which got better as the season went on.


Running the bases.  Notice the parents in the background.  It was fun for me too because I could be on the field with him the entire game.


There are no stealing bases in honkball.  Stay on base until the ball is in play.


What?  Too much offense?  He can play some defense too.  Nathan typically went for every single ball that was hit. So did half of the team, resulting in a dog pile after every play. It took us a good part of the season to learn that there is no tackling in baseball.


At the end of the season (6 games), Nathan got a medal.  He was very proud!


Go Bearcats!!


It turned out to be a great way to introduce him to sports.  We were very impressed with the league and met some nice families.  We are probably going to try soccer in the spring but are looking forward to playing baseball again next year.

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