Hubley Happenings

Hubley Happenings
Angel Fire Summer 2014

Sunday, October 19, 2014

1st day of school

Hannah started Kindergarten this year.  It was quite the transition for our family, but she is doing great and really enjoys school.  It took us a while to get this posted, but here is the play by play in pictures.

We went to meet the teacher the week before school started. They didn’t really give us a lot of information this night and Jennifer was having a hard time. We later learned they would have an informational during the second week of school which answered all our questions.


Here is Hannah with her lunch and backpack on her first day


Official “morning of school” picture


Nathan started preschool a week later


Walking in


The cafeteria was very busy


It was a little too loud for Nathan


We got to walk her to class for the first week only, then we had to drop her at the door.  This was a tough walk for Jennifer, especially when Hannah said “hold my hand tight, tight Mommy”


Hannah has her very own cubby


Her teacher had some gingerbread man playdoh for her to play with at her desk.  They did a gingerbread man theme the first week. They searched for the gingerbread man all across the school which helped them learn the different parts of the school building.  I don’t think they ever caught him, but Hannah had lots of fun. She came home making gingerbread men every day!


She came home the first week and made a stoplight discipline system which is what they use at school.  She made this one for Nathan and immediately put him on yellow and came up with a consequence.


The roughest transition has been when she gets home everyday. She is happy for about 2 minutes in the car after pick-up and then things go south. She’s just exhausted! Five full days of school 7:35am to 2:45pm…that’s hard on little ones. She started ballet but we pulled her out after 2 weeks. We might try again later, but right now all we can handle is school and church. At least she holds it all in at school! Her teacher adores her!

She got her first report card last week and got all “S” marks (Satisfactory). She does a great job reading and reviewing her sight words and completing her homework each week….yes, kindergarten has homework these days. She seems to be kind to everyone and has made lots of friends. We go up to the school and have lunch with her often and get to see her interact with everyone which is fun.

We are very proud of our big girl!

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