Hubley Happenings

Hubley Happenings
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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Summer Recap

We tried to stay busy this summer to keep our minds off the heat.  The new house was fun and definitely cooler and more comfortable.  It turns out that this summer was pretty mild and we got more rain that I expected.  I didn’t put enough water on the yard in June and then when the July rains came, I had already lost parts of it.  Then our neighborhood implemented one day per week watering restrictions, so it couldn’t recover after that.  The parts that made it through June have done really well until now.  Next year, my plan is to water like crazy in June and then pray for rain in July and August.  Here are a few of our highlights:

We went swimming at some friends in their new pool


Jennifer took the kids to this splash pad in Weatherford several times


We worked a 1000 piece puzzle that I got for Father’s Day (with some help from Nana and Aunt Rebecca)


We went to the zoo a few times



and the museum


Hannah spent a week at zoo camp (she’s in the purple shorts)


and Princess Art Week at Van Grow Kids Art Studio

princess art weekhannah1

We took some pictures of the super moon


Jennifer and Nathan enjoyed this view from a hammock in the shade while Hannah took swimming lessons down the road from our house. Although one day a fairly large snake slithered beneath the hammock and down this hill.  Pretty scary!


We went to Lake Mineral Wells one day to paddle the canoe and play in the lake


Hannah filled pretty much all of her free time by playing dress up


We did a craft at Home Depot


And we also visited the Botanic Gardens for the Rock Springs groundbreaking.  I did an engineering study in support of the expansion of this portion of the garden.


In August, Jennifer and the kids took a trip to Evadale and Devers to visit their cousins one last time before summer ended.  They went to another splashpad


and did some baking with Mimi and O


Overall, it was a great summer.  For those of you that were keeping track, we went to the lake, the beach, and the mountains!  We had a great time this summer but are so ready for the fall and football season.

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Lindsay said...

Love seeing your sweet family's summer activities! Your kiddos are precious and growing so so fast!