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Hubley Happenings
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Friday, August 17, 2012

Rough Tough Real Stuff, 18 Months

As if there was ever any doubt, Nathan is 100% pure boy.  He likes power equipment, balls, dogs, dirt, sticks, rocks, climbing, wrestling, etc.  He is usually quite content just playing in the dirt and sticks.




He really likes “diggers” which refers to pretty much any construction equipment. Luckily we have lots of construction going on in Fort Worth right now so he gets to see these pretty often.  There is construction along one of our primary routes and as we drive by nearly every day, you can hear him call out “digger!” from his carseat, one of his few words.


I have a job in construction right now so we go up there sometimes on the weekends just to see the equipment in action.  He spotted one in a park one evening while we were taking a walk after dinner.


He is also just fearless in general. 


He never goes anywhere at less than full speed which often resolves in lots of bumps and bruises on his noggin.  At any given time, you can usually find him with plenty of scratches or bruises on his face.  One time he fell off the stool he was climbing and got a bloody nose.


He has bumped the middle of his forehead so many times, we are somewhat worried that he is going to end up with a permanent bump here.  You can see a similar bump in the picture above and the picture below.  Some of these bumps are from falls, but several are from him pitching fits and making a point by banging his head on the ground.


He also really likes football.  He has three different footballs he carries around the house and throws at all of us, and he can say football.  Since it is getting close to football season, I’ve (Scott) been spending time on the internet reading up on the Aggies.  Nathan is now convinced that the computer/ipad is only for watching football, because when I get the computer out, he starts saying “Football!” and wants to watch with me.  I think it is a good thing to get him started early.


This is his favorite book.

and this is his favorite page in the book.


And this is his favorite dog.


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Donald and Angela said...

Oh my goodness - this post just made me smile!! And I might copy the title for Nate's 18 month post :) We've got to get those boys together soon - although, the crazy that might accompany it may be y'alls family!