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Hubley Happenings
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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Aspiring Artist

One day at the library we happened to find the popular Fancy Nancy books by Jane O’Conner and Hannah picked one entitled Fancy Nancy: Aspiring Artist to check out.

It was all about the different kinds of art that Fancy Nancy made during her spring break vacation. She doodled and painted and made collages in her “studio” and even went to an art museum. Hannah has always loved to draw and color, but this book took it up a notch. Every time she would draw or paint she would tell us that “she was an aspiring artist like Fancy Nancy.”

A while back, some of our friends had graciously given us a gift certificate for a two-hour art class at a children’s art studio in town and we decided this was the perfect time to cash in. The teacher said that most kids didn’t last the full two-hours which was true for everyone in the group…except Hannah. We were the last ones to leave.

She was so excited when we got there. They had time in the beginning for “free art.” Hannah did a little painting…


then some beading (like her Aunt Anne).


The teacher, Mrs. Alma, (isn’t that a cute name? She was so young and hip for such an old name) read The Very Hungry Caterpillar and then they did a few corresponding art projects.


They made a caterpillar with sponges…


Well, Hannah made three.


And a caterpillar out of clay.


Here she is still painting, long after everyone had gone.


Then some friends told us about an art museum in town that was hosting events especially for kids. Scott had tried to take her to a real art museum a few weeks ago, and it did not go well. She wasn’t that interested and I think they were asked to leave…ooops. I figured since this was a kid-friendly event it was worth another shot. She was very excited about going. The theme was “curiosity.” They showed a short Curious George film and then gave the kids paper and pencils to go into the art exhibits and sketch their own drawings.

Hannah took the challenge very seriously.

photo (1)

photo (2)


By the way, did you notice that she’s wearing the same dress for both occasions? She calls this her “art dress” because it has “lots of colors.”

So although I’m not a huge fan of all the fanciness that Fancy Nancy promotes, I’m grateful for the art appreciation that this book inspired in our little aspiring artist.

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CarrieZ said...

This is an adorable post. She's so sweet and this makes me look forward to when Carson takes a real interest in things. Congrats on your aspiring artist!