Hubley Happenings

Hubley Happenings
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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Celebrating Christmas and the New Year with the Fling's

Last weekend Mom, Amber, and her two kids, Sam and Betsy came up to wrap up our Christmas celebrations and help us bring in the New Year. Despite ALL three of the kids getting sick, it was a great visit.

They got here late Thursday night (Hannah was already in the bed) and Mom brought all the gifts in the house. Her car looked like Santa's sleigh! Since Hannah wasn't feeling that great, she woke up coughing around 3:00am and couldn't go back to sleep. The events that followed were pretty funny and not surprising at all because of the size of our house. Soon after Hannah woke up, Amber came in the living room saying she couldn't sleep. Then in a few minutes, here comes Betsy toddling down the hall with Mom behind her saying Betsy wasn't feeling good and couldn't sleep either. Within about 30 minutes, Sam woke up because Amber wasn't in the bed anymore and then around 4:00am Scott comes dragging in (he said he couldn't sleep because he just kept thinking about our sewer problems...this was before he fixed it).

So there we were...all the adults worn out and all the kids (even though they didn't feel good) wound up because they were so excited to see each other. Around 5ish, we decided to go ahead and open Christmas presents since it was clear no one was going back to bed anytime soon.

Scott got some pretty cool snake boots for his hunting excursions. Maybe now he won't come back with poison ivy everytime.

One of Hannah's favorite gifts was this vacuum. It has really come in handy when I need to do housework.

Another winner was this little kitty from Sam and Betsy. She loves it! I know we're going to have to get her a cat one day but this will do for now (and all the cats she gets to see when she visits Aunt Anne). She holds it real close and pets it all the way from its head to the tip of it's tail. Then she looks at it and commandingly says, "Walk....Walk!"

Amber and Betsy in the wee morning hours.

We all tried to get some sleep the next day, but that's not really possible with three toddlers in the house. It's amazing...they can just run on fumes!! But later that day (while poor Scott was working on the sewer) we did manage to go cheer Amber on as she ran a 5K down at the park along the river. Here is a shot of her crossing the finish line. She's in super good shape (I'm having lots of sister jealousy right now as I sit and type this post while balancing peanut M&M's on my big pregnant belly).

Afterwards, we crossed the street and ate some great Mexican food at Chuy's and then went to look at the Christmas lights downtown. By the time we got back, Scott had the sewer fixed and we could finally use our own bathroom and take showers....YEAH Hubby!!

After another almost sleepless night (Betsy was getting worse and Hannah still didn't feel good), we tried to make the best of it again. Amber and I took Hannah and Sam to the museum while Nan and Betsy took a nap. Then Scott let Mom, Amber, and I have a break from the kiddos and let us go to the movies while he took a turn. We put them all down for a nap and headed out to Movie Tavern. It was my first time to go and it was really fun! The three of us NEVER get to go hang out by ourselves, so this was a very special time for me. Good mother/daughter/sister bonding time!

After the movie, I was getting a little worried about Scott handling all three of the kids when I received this text: Snacktime!

He had it all under control. It's amazing how good kids are when they're away from their mothers!

We rang in the New Year that night at around 9:00 and I think we were all in the bed by 9:30pm! We were exhausted and figured a sick kid would be up at some point in the middle of the night. Sure was Betsy. Poor thing....she is so sweet even when she's sick.

All in all, we got through it and had a great time. I love watching Hannah play with her cousins. She tries to imitate everything Sam does and bosses Betsy around like crazy. I think she will be a pretty good big sister OR I might have my hands of the two!

Thanks Mom and Amber for dragging the little ones up here. We love you very much (and we missed you, Pop)!

One more shot of Nan playing with her grand-babies.

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