Hubley Happenings

Hubley Happenings
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Monday, August 9, 2010

Quilting and other news....

Well, I finally finished. I bought this quilt pattern about a year ago and cut the squares immediately....then I stopped. As I recall, I was about to have a baby and my mind was occupied with other things. But a few months ago, I got motivated once again and decided it was time to start/finish this quilt.

It was my first one to make and I have to say...I think I'm addicted. I really, really enjoyed the whole process. I still have a lot to learn and need a lot more practice, so don't look too close at the pictures.

I guess I'll give this one to Hannah and start on another one for baby #2....which, by the way, is due in FEBRUARY. Yes, the Hubley's are pregnant and yes, we've done the math...they will be 21 months apart. YIKES! But also EXCITING!


CarrieZ said...

And THEN you can make one for my baby since my quilt was not nearly as lovely as yours! I am so impressed.

Ashley W said...

OH MY GOODNESS! CONGRATULATIONS MY FRIENDS :) You've totally got it-you're a pro-momma!

Lindsay said...

I am so very impressed with the amazing quilt! Is there anything you can't do??

Donald and Angela said...

HOORAY!!! What amazing news!! 21 problem - add to the joy (maybe a bit of crazy thrown in!). And that quilt is just beautiful! Nicely done!