Hubley Happenings

Hubley Happenings
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Monday, August 9, 2010

Passing of an Institution

Well the day finally came.  I knew it had to at some point.  My favorite childhood pet, Cowboy, passed away today.  He was about 17 years old and his age had been taking a toll on him the past few years.  He was one of the best dogs you could ever ask for.  He was extremely loyal, fun, friendly, troublemaker at times, good with the other pets, trustworthy, on and on. Some of my favorite memories:
  • The night we got him from a "real cowboy" right after we moved into the house in Canyon
  • Chasing rabbits at Dr. Colette's
  • Taking rides in the blue pickup truck (he could jump into the back of a standard pickup with the tailgate up)
  • Playing in the snow drifts with us
  • Following me on my runs down FM 1062
  • Fathering countless litters of puppies
  • Getting old and just hanging out in the house

You were a good friend Cowboy and will be greatly missed!  Here are a few pictures of him below (most of them were taken in his old age)

Cowboy resting in the house as an old man

Good close up view of his markings
Hannah taking a ride on Cowboy
Enjoying a sunny winter day
Cowboy and Broady (who has some pretty big shoes to fill)
Did I mention he was good with the other pets?


Jason Harp said...

Even though Scott said it over and over, I have to say again cowboy was one great dog. He was great at eating rabbits and was always friendly when you drove up. He will be missed.

Nate said...

he will be missed indeed!