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Hubley Happenings
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Monday, January 18, 2010

Christmas Card Recycling Project

Every year at Christmas time we, like most, get so many beautiful Christmas cards. I love getting them in the mail and seeing all the beautiful pictures of everyone and their families or reading yearly updates of loved ones. It warms my heart and is one of my favorite things about Christmas. I proudly display them on our mantle where we can enjoy them all season.

But, all too soon, Christmas is over and they have to come down. I always try to keep the ones with pictures, but somehow, they end up in the trash! How horrible!! People go through all the trouble and MONEY of making the cards and sending them to me, and then I trash them? Well, not this year!

One of the things we try to do in our house is recycle. We are not the best, by any means, but we try. Hubby has a compost pile, we recycle as much trash as possible, we have reusable shopping bags, etc. The Lord created this earth, and as a Christ follower, I believe, I am called to take care of it. With that said, I know I do my part in contributing to pollution and have a lot to learn about "going green," but I try to be aware of my families carbon footprint and do little things to help reduce it.

So what does all this have to do with Christmas cards?? I'm glad you asked! Well, this year, instead of throwing them out, I am trying to recycle/reuse some of them. I am keeping all the ones with pictures to display in years to come and have some sort of record of friendships we have made in the past. I'm just going to put them in a box labeled "Christmas cards."

All the other cards that we get I am turning into Christmas gift tags for next year. I simply cut out the designs from the cards, punch a hole in the top, and put some ribbon through it!

I know they look really "home-made" (so don't laugh at me if you get one next year), but really, we all know that we rip the tag off as soon as we get home so we can reuse the who cares!! Does anyone out there have any other creative ideas that you do with your cards? I would love to hear them!


Ashley W. said...

You are so cute - I think that's a great idea!!! I feel the same way - hate throwing away the pictures for sure! I think I'm going to try saving mine in a box with the Christmas decor, and then next December, take a different one out each day and pray for that family (almost something you'd do ritually through the month like an advent calendar). Hopefully I dont misplace them between now and then...:)

Jennifer Hubley said...

Such a great idea Ashley! Thanks so much...I love it!

Shelby said...

Jen. I love that idea for gift tags. Another one is make placemats for nursing homes with them and or tear off the front of cards and put new backs on them and send them to church shutins or nursing homes too. Most of all keep your picture cards and watch how your friends all grow up. Your kids will love it too. Blair this year took or pics and got baby clothespins and hung them on a string across where we sit at dinner so we can see them thru the season and pray for them. love it all, Shelby