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Hubley Happenings
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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sacred Chaos

I am currently reading a book by Tricia McCary Rhodes and wanted to share something that stood out to me. In one chapter she talks about seeking God but not always feeling him near or hearing him answer. Below are her sentiments:

In the end each of us will have to live with the paradox of thirsting for a God who alone determines when and how that thirst will be quenched. We must learn, then, to treasure his touch and yet trust him in the silence, to yearn for his presence and yet honor him through dryness and darkness, to enjoy those moments when Christ seems near and yet esteem his worth when we cannot find him. We do this ever aware that consolations- as wonderful as they can be- are but a foretaste of that blessed day when we will see our Lord face to face and spend eternity getting our fill of his glory.

These words touched me, so I thought I would pass them along...

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Donald and Angela said...

What beautiful, wise words. Thanks for sharing, Jennifer!