Hubley Happenings

Hubley Happenings
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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Cousin Camp: Day 1

Rebecca and Jon Michael went on vacation this week so we got the girls! That’s six kids under seven at our house for four days! I wanted to document the week as we go, but it’s day one and I’m really tired so I just might post pictures. I’m making no promises.

I’m trying to think about what we did today, but all I can remember is serving them food ALL DAY LONG! Jeanine came early this morning and stayed until Scott got home. She was a life-saver!! Thank you Jeanine!

Scott got up and made eggs, bacon and biscuits for everyone. Henry slept late and missed the gathering. Charlotte kept following me around and asking for another “bikit.” It was pretty cute.


Hannah tried to get an assembley line of books going before she left for her morning of science camp.


Around 9:45 I took Nathan and Henry to Nathan’s swim lessons on the next street over while Jeanine stayed with the girls. I dropped Nathan off and ran back home to see how things were going then loaded up the twins and ran back to pick him up. That was my exercise for the day.

At some point we had a talent show.


And went outside to play with sidewalk chalk.


Later we were back outside painting with water.



Then we ate dinner. Ruby hasn’t warmed up to Scott yet and won’t even look at him.


Charlotte did not like the peas in her pasta!


Bathtime was really the only time we had several meltdowns at one time. I think Nathan, Aylah and both twins were screaming. But we finished baths, put on pj’s and everyone was happy.


I think Charlotte thought she was going somewhere.


It was a fun day!

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