Hubley Happenings

Hubley Happenings
Angel Fire Summer 2014

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Christmas at Home

We arrived home on Monday evening.  Tuesday morning we loaded up on groceries.  We think this is the most food we have ever had in this fridge.


Later that morning, Mama Jo and John came over to visit and exchange gifts.  Cousin Mitch came over too, but somehow managed to avoid the camera.


Mama Jo brought some yummy pimento cheese sandwiches, and cookies to bake with the kids. 


Nathan and Hannah got some really neat Spiderman and princess dinnerware which were a big hit. 



I’m not sure who this little girl is.


We managed to at least get one good group shot before they left.


That evening, we went to the Christmas Eve candlelight service at Christ Chapel.  We were a little late and got to sit on the first row.  It turned out pretty good because the musicians kept the kids attention.  Nathan listened intently to the sermon and even offered a hearty “Yes!” when Pastor Jeff asked if we thought Mary expected to have her baby in a stable (the correct answer was “No” which drew a big laugh from the congregation). Towards the end of the service, Hannah couldn’t help but dancing a little.  She would hold her candle in the air and sway it back and forth like she was at a concert.

After church we had tamales at Uncle Julio’s and then boarded the Christmas Express for some Christmas light viewing.  The kids changed into their pajamas and enjoyed some hot chocolate along the way.


That evening we went home and put out cookies and reindeer food and the kids hurried to bed.  Here is how we found the living room the next morning!  Santa left us a note and signed it with a Gig’em!



By this time, Hannah and Nathan were seasoned veterans at gift opening.  Hannah was very sweet and told us “thank you for everything” before she started opening gifts.  You will notice that Nathan couldn’t just wear his Christmas PJs without an Aggie jersey over it.  He’s a good Ag.



Ninja Turtles, superheroes and A&M gear were the gifts of choice for Nathan.  Hannah got a golden locket, tickets to the Nutcracker ballet, and dolls.



After we opened gifts, we had coffee cake for breakfast and sang Happy Birthday to Jesus.  Nathan was excited about lighting the candles.


Pretty soon it was time to hit the kitchen. Jennifer cooked most of the day and prepared a fantastic Christmas dinner with ham, beans, potato salad, Brussels sprouts, squash casserole, rolls, two pecan pies, and an Italian cream cake.  Nana and Pappy drove in from Canyon and arrived just in time for dinner.


Hannah had a mild case of the flu, so we were able to exchange the Thursday Nutcracker tickets for Friday tickets.  The girls got all dressed up.



Hannah loved the ballet!  She watched the entire performance very intently and was very inspired afterwards. She danced around everywhere for a few days.


While the girls were at the theater, the boys stayed home and watched football from the couch


We had a wonderful Christmas celebrating the birth of Jesus and hope you did too!


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