Hubley Happenings

Hubley Happenings
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Friday, February 4, 2011

Hubley Baby #2 Baby Shower

"A friend loves at all times..." Proverbs 17:17
Two of my sweet friends here in town gave me the best baby shower a couple of weeks ago...
Aren’t they cute?!?
This is the delicious lemon cake that Elyse made.
They made the cutest party favors consisting of tea bags with prayers for our family.
Candy Gram that Mama Jo made.  It was a hit!
Mama Jo and Me
These girls guessed I am having a boy
and these girls guessed I am having a girl
Hannah even got a gift
She had the most fun playing in the wrapping paper
I'm always overwhelmed with people's love and generosity for our little family. Not only do these friends offer to help when a new little one comes along, but anytime we need anything! Each one of you have blessed my life and I'm so grateful the Lord thought it necessary for our paths to cross. When we moved to Fort Worth I had no idea the kind of love that would be poured out to us by our community and church family.
Thank you all for helping us celebrate our new baby!

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carrie said...

Jennifer, Scott, Hannah & Nathan!
What a sweet family, its like a fairy tale that all is well. My only other wish is that we could all live closer, so thet we could watch your children grow up. We see Ambers family quite often @ wm, church etc..what a Blessing to see her love her babies, and know that God has His hand in her life!