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Hubley Happenings
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Thursday, February 11, 2010

9 Month Update

Well, nine short months have past and our baby girl is getting....well, not really bigger, but definately older! She is still a tiny little thing, weighing in at only 14 lbs, putting her in the <5th percentile! But if you saw her eat, you wouldn't think this was the case because she can put it away. She eats three meals a day and we have two snacks (I must admit, I love snacktime too)! You should see us....I give her a bite, and then I have two works quiet nicely. She has started eating a lot of tablefood, with bananas being her favorite. She also likes avocados, pasta, string cheese, crackers, cheerios, yogurt, pears, and just recently the Lobster Bisque at Lucille's. Scott says she is like a little bird. Anytime you sit down with food, she crawls over to you and opens her mouth!

She's still a very good sleeper, sticking to her 7pm to 7am routine with two solid naps a day. The one thing that has changed is the way she goes to is wonderful! I take her to her room and give her her lovie blanket and that's her que. It's like it hypnotizes her. She lays her head on my shoulder for about 10 seconds and then I lay her in the crib and leave the room and....not a peap! She goes right to sleep! And when she wakes up, she is such a good cuddle bug!

But with the good, there is some bad (although it's not really bad). She has become very attached to me and Scott and sometimes has issues (ie crying fits) when other people try to hold her. We got called out of church last week because they couldn't get her to stop crying...poor baby! She goes to the nursery about 2 times a week and we occasionally have babysitters, so I think this is just a phase.

One more thing she loves to do is "all done." This is a sign I taught her, and it's so fun now that she is catching on. She "says" it by raising her arms up over her head. She mainly does it when she's finished eating but has started doing it also when she's finished nursing. It's so funny...she just sits up and raises her arms.

Here are some recent pictures:

All done, Mom!

She's started sticking out her tongue a lot too.

She loves her swing on the back porch.

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