Hubley Happenings

Hubley Happenings
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Monday, July 20, 2009

More Pictures

Isn't this so cool? While Hannah is napping, I have been learning how to create a collage of pictures in a program we have on our computer. This is her dressed up for Abi Wallaces' 1st birthday party. It was at a park, so we wore our picnic outfit (again...thanks to Nan). The hat was a watermelon!

I know I'm turning into "that mom" showing off a ton of pictures of her beautiful daughter, but I have to show them so our families can watch her grow!


Ashley W. said...

The picture in the middle of her smiling is MY FAVORITE!!! She looks just like her MOM in that picture too! :)

Jennifer Hubley said...

YES....thanks Ashley!

Donald and Angela said...

What a great few posts! Hooray!! Abi wants to send along her sincere thanks for making the trek to Dallas for her party! She loved meeting Hannah!!! What a beauth - and those cowboy boot socks are AWESOME!

Great to see your beautiful family again!

Kelly Baker said...

Mama Jo told me how cute Hannah's watermelon outfit was, and was she right! Precious!! I know I sound like a grandmother, but I'm serious, I can already tell Hannah is so smart.

Nana (Scott's mom)

The Mosiers said...

Hey Hubleys! Yes we remember you. Just the other day I saw Hannah's birth announcement at the Bacaks. We would love to get together once we move. We're headed up there on the 15th.

Hannah is adorable! We can't wait to meet her!

Erin Mosier

JustPlaneMary said...

Jennifer, what a little doll! She is so cute!!! I must say, she looks like her Dad but when she smiles I see you as well. What a perfect combination! Love the blog!

Aunt Mary