Hubley Happenings

Hubley Happenings
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Saturday, August 27, 2016

First Day of School!

This year two of my babies went off to school! Nathan has been so excited but also a little nervous of the unknown (as you can tell by the pictures).

He had no problem wearing his “handsome” clothes the first day of school, but has since asked if he could wear something else from now on.


Hannah had not been quite as excited about school until she found out she got the teacher she had been wanting all summer. She’s young, trendy and Hannah says “she really has it together!” Perfect for my child who loves order and structure.


Gig ‘em



Hannah kept giving Nathan advice and information she thought he might need. She’s a pro now. She still won’t admit he’s actually in “a grade” yet. She refers to his class as Kindergarten and the rest of the school is in “a grade…like an actual class.” She likes to stay one step ahead.





I held Nathan’s hand down the hall toward his room but right as we turned toward the Kindergarten hallway he looked up and let my hand go. Pretty tough, but I resisted the urge to hold on to him.





Both kids have done a great job this week. Nathan is trying really hard to wake up and get out the door on time and he is filled to the brim with things to tell me when I pick him up. We’ve definately had the expected meltdowns, but he’s tired and trying to adjust to the long days.

Hannah has already recieved a Gold Star for her behavior in class and for her reward she picked Teacher’s Assistant for the Day. I should note that she passed on the No Homework and Extra Recess Rewards.

Henry misses them a lot. The first day he cried and kept saying, “Sissy. Home. Bubba. Home.” I told him that they were at school and his response was, “No school. Home!” He’ll adjust quickly I’m sure.

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