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Hubley Happenings
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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Henry turns 2!

We are behind on the blog. Time to catch up

Henry turned 2 in March.  Instead of a party, we just had a special day for him.  We started with his favorite breakfast, eggs and toast.


Then we opened some presents




Then Jennifer took the boys to the zoo.  It had been a while since Henry went so he had a great time.






After the zoo, we met at a park and had a picnic during my lunch break.



brotherly love


That evening we made him some brownies for dessert


Henry is lots of fun. He loves taking walks in the stroller.  He is still very attached to his mama and tends to not want to go anywhere without her.  He is still taking a nap in the afternoons, usually right after lunch and is used to being woken up to go pick up an older sibling from school.  When we wake him up from his nap he says, “Car, car, go.” He knows the routine.

He likes to listen to the radio in the car and sing along with the songs. He loves playing baseball in the backyard and will keep himself busy hitting balls off the tee for over an hour. He can literally hit the ball almost as far as Nathan. It’s crazy. He loves reading books, especially at bed time. A few of his favorites are: Curious George, Goodnight Moon, Goodnight Gorilla and Good Dog Carl.

Since he has turned 2, Henry has really started talking a lot more.  We were so ready for him to start talking but now he jabbers all day and we can’t get him to be quiet :)

He loves playing with Hannah and Nathan.  One of their favorite games is when he chases them around the yard and the house and all three are screaming.  It’s so great, especially after a long day.  He also loves to wrestle with them and is pretty physical in general. 


He loves doing “more” of anything that was fun the first time. We moved him up to the table with the rest of the family and retired our high chair that all three kids have used.


We had his 2-year portraits taken in the same suit as Nathan and I used when we were two.


He still loves his mama in the evenings and his daddy in the mornings.


He has discovered the tv and Paw Patrol is his favorite show. He calls it “Pups.”



We also got his first real haircut not long after he turned two



We love you sweet Henry!

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