Hubley Happenings

Hubley Happenings
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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Hannah turns 7!

Hannah turned 7 in May.  To celebrate her actual birthday, we made her favorite breakfast.  You can’t tell by the look on her face ;) She’s not exactly a morning person.


Then she got to open her presents.  The biggest hit was the Star Wars DVD set.



She also got her first necklace from us to wear to church.


And a new backpack and lunchbox for school next year


I had lunch with her that day at school (Sonic) and then we had her favorite meal for dinner (pea pasta).

Jennifer also took her to get her nails done at a nail salon for the first time. This was quite the treat!





In the past year, Hannah has continued to be a really strong student at school.  She loves to read and we can’t really keep enough books in the house to keep her satisfied.  She likes to play barbies, american girl dolls, animal figurines with Nathan, any type of craft, coloring, dress up, jumping on the trampoline, sidewalk chalk, swimming, dancing, singing, and riding her bike. 

She has been doing gymnastics this year and really loves it.  She also started piano lessons this summer and has been doing great.


She has started to develop a bond with our pets and will play with them by herself throughout the day. Broady always wants to go in her room when there’s a bad storm and she thinks that is pretty special.

She also likes carrying a purse around everywhere with all sorts of things stuffed in it.


Jennifer says at the grocery store she pushes around the little kid carts and “talks” on her cell phone (one of my old phones from college). She loves to act like an adult whenever possible.




She still has a flair for drama and being sassy but we are doing our best to keep it in check.  She has a very generous heart and will give pretty much any toy away to her friends that come to visit.  She is starting to help some with chores (occasionally she will “clean” the kitchen if we ask).  She also helps a lot with Henry. 


We can’t believe our little girl is already 7 and going into 2nd grade.  We are so proud of her and excited to see what the next year has in store. We love you Hannah!

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