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Hubley Happenings
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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Hannah’s 4!



How can I have a four year old!?! The obvious answer is, well….four years have gone by. Yes, I know that. But how can so much change happen in four short years?

Hannah, you are such a sweet little girl. You are definitely a typical firstborn and such a rule follower. The trick is….you like to set the rules! You like to push the limits, but also like to know that there are limits.

I feel like you and your Dad are on the same wavelength. One day in the car you asked out of nowhere, “What are those things floating in the air?” Without skipping a beat, Scott rattled off something about dust particles and matter and lots of other scientific words. You seemed to know exactly what he was talking about and was very satisfied with the explanation. You have a sense of knowing when we tell you the whole truth about things and when we just give you the kid version. You are never satisfied with the kid version. Consequently, we’ve had some pretty deep conversations. One night your babysitter said you basically shared the gospel presentation with her from Jesus being born to him dying on the cross and ascending into heaven! Those are the appropriate stories you share. But you also know where babies come from and lets just say I’m a little nervous about that one.

You still love to “read” in your room before naps and bed (you have pretty much dropped your naps. You may take one a week…if I’m lucky:). You also love to listen to me and your Dad read. We’ve gone through several chapter books this year: Charlotte’s Web, Frog and Toad, Stuart Little, and the Mercy Watson series. These are some of my favorite times with you. I remember my mom reading to me and I hope you will do the same.

You also still love puzzles and arts and crafts. You color constantly and love gluing anything on a piece of paper. I can give you scissors, glue, pom-pom balls, and colors and you are set. You have a 100 piece Fancy Nancy puzzle that you need help working, but love the challenge of putting together.

You love riding your bike, playing in the water, dancing, and singing to music (you memorize all of the music we have in the car and make us start the song over if you miss a word).  Your memory is like a steel trap, and I don’t think you ever forget anything!

As far as behavior….just being honest…you still have your fits, but they don’t seem to be as irrational as your three year old fits (or as often). Most of the time it’s just because you don’t get what you want or get it how you want it. Your very particular and a tad bit bossy;)

You’ve pushed me to limits I’ve never seen before or never even knew existed, sweet girl. I don’t have this mom thing figured out yet, and I pray you can give me grace in those areas, but I do know I’m so blessed to have you as my sweet daughter. I never imagined it would be this good.


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