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Hubley Happenings
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Friday, September 28, 2012

Sprint Triathlon

In late spring, my friend and I started toying with the idea of running in a sprint triathlon. We both had wanted to do one for a while but between pregnancies and breastfeeding neither of us had the opportunity! She finally convinced me to get a membership to our local YMCA and the training began. Looking back, this was the main reason I survived all the showings of our house this summer. We pretty much went to the Y everyday, which worked out perfectly since I needed to work-out anyway. The race was a 300 meter swim, 16 mile bike ride, and 3.1 mile run (in that order).

About to jump in the pool.



Running from the pool to the transition area (See my cheering squad behind me? A big thanks to family for coming in to watch me race. I felt like I was in high-school again…it was great).


Getting on my bike.




Time to run.


Coming down the home stretch.


I wish you could have seen me cross the finish line. I was so excited I threw my hands up over my head (picture Rocky) and let out a big, “YES!!” The workers were like, “Here’s your water and medal…next.” It was pretty anti-climatic after all that hard work.

My sweet friend and me after the race. IMG_0586

I had lots of fun training and competing in this race. It felt good to have a goal and work hard to achieve it (which in my case was to just cross the finish line without stopping or passing out).

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Donald and Angela said...

Oh my gosh! SO proud of you - way to go!!! You looked so great and I can't imagine what a fantastic feeling that must be to cross that line!