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Hubley Happenings
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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Cutting Skills

This year Hannah had a little evaluation at school on all her “skills”. She got a “G” (Good) score on everything except her ability to use scissors, which she received a “W” (Still Working). They showed me a piece of paper with two straight lines and said she was suppose to cut on both the lines. I wish I would have taken a picture because there wasn’t even one cut on the paper. The whole thing was still intact! I couldn’t help but laugh. But I wasn’t surprised because we never use scissors at home. I’m terrified she’s going to cut all her hair off. And besides, I don’t know that many adults who are “still working” on using a pair of scissors.

Nonetheless, we bought a pair of little scissors and have been slowly working on safely using them.


Her teachers were right. She couldn’t cut at all….but we’re making progress. She is actually cutting the paper now.

Check this out:


We made palm branches on Palm Sunday. Can you guess which one is mine and which is Hannah’s?

But what she lacks in scissor skills, she makes up for in drawing. This is her self-portrait.


Good job Hannah!

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