Hubley Happenings

Hubley Happenings
Angel Fire Summer 2014

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Merry Christmas from Canyon and Angel Fire!

We had a great visit in Canyon with everyone.  We drove up to Canyon on Christmas Eve and arrived just in time for dinner with turkey, dressing, and all the fixings.  Before dinner, we did a balloon release for Anne. She loved celebrating Christmas. We wrote her messages on each of them and sent them her way.



Hannah wasn’t too crazy about letting her balloon go, but luckily Aunt Rebecca and Uncle Jon Michael thought ahead and got her two backup balloons, which she eventually also released.


After dinner, we exchanged gifts.  The big hit for Hannah was her Tangled coloring book (can’t you tell that’s what she has on her head?)



Hannah also got some new snow gear which she was able to put to good use with some cross-country sledding on Christmas morning.



Here is a video of all of us getting in on the sledding fun:

(note: if you are trying to view by email or on your phone, the video may not work and you will have to access our blog from your computer)

Sledding in Canyon


The next day we drove up to Angel Fire, NM to ski.  Hannah is our newest little ski bunny.  She skied two days for about an hour each day.  The first day she skied with me in between my legs.  The second day she took a lesson from a ski instructor named Johnny.  When we told her that Mr. Johnny was going to teach her to ski, she said “No, I want Prince Phillip,” her favorite prince from Sleeping Beauty.  To be on the safe side, Johnny agreed to be Prince Phillip for the day.  Now, when Hannah is telling us the Sleeping Beauty story, she says, “…then one day along came Prince Phillip and he taught her to ski then he kissed her and she woke up….”  He obviously made a pretty big impact on her.

Getting fitted for her boots.


The Hubley ski bunnies


Ready to go


Skiing with Dad



Here are a couple videos of her skiing:


On the mountain (with no kids Smile)


After skiing, Hannah also tried her hand at downhill sledding.  She had a blast doing that too!  Here are a couple of videos:


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