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Hubley Happenings
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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Hannah’s Boo-Boo and Mommy’s Lesson


A few weeks ago, while pitching a fit in the parking lot after bible study, Hannah went limp noodle and because I was still holding her hand…her elbow popped out of the socket (I didn’t know that at the time). She started screaming and holding her arm. It was not my proudest moment…ever. I had Nathan on one hip, Hannah flailing around on the ground and lots of ladies with their well-behaved children looking at me. Not to mention, Scott was out of town. Lord help me.

The doctor said she had Nursemaid’s elbow (that was another blow…I felt like an abusive parent) and that it was an easy fix. Well, three doctor’s visits and one sling later they finally got it back in place. Just to be transparent, I cried a lot those two days. I was mad. I was tired. I was angry. I didn’t feel like a good mom. I mean, my husband was gone for two days and I was a mess! Shouldn’t I be able to handle this? Isn’t this my job? And for some reason I felt like my problems were too small to take to the Lord. I felt like with all the other horrible things going on in the world, my day to day “troubles” were too insignificant for God’s promises. When I read… “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest,” for the first time in my life I felt as though those promises weren’t for me. Aren’t they for the people who are really hurting? Who have real problems?

A friend gently pointed me to truth. Yes, those promises are for them…but they are for me too. God put me here just for this. He put me here in my family to learn these lessons. These are my trials. And those are my promises. So I will cling to Him. I will cling to his goodness. And I will be thankful for this season of something a sweet friend calls sanctification through motherhood.

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