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Hubley Happenings
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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Green Crackers

Like most children, Hannah sometimes has a hard time eating her veggies. She went through a phase where she loved green beans, and then all of a sudden…she wouldn’t eat them AT ALL. So the other night at dinner, we had some sort of chicken with green beans and she was avoiding them like the plague.

Then my genius hubby says, “Hannah, why don’t you taste your green crackers?” She looked puzzled and looked down at her plate. “Oh yeah,” I said. “These green crackers are so good!”

She took one cautious bite, then devoured the rest of them. So, now we refer to green beans as “green crackers.”

We’re not really lying right? They are green.



1 comment:

Lindsay said...

I'm convinced that's what husbands are for...they can come up with the greatest ideas when it seems nothing else works! I'm keeping that idea handy, thanks guys!